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How it Works?
You’ve got a request - what's next?

For Clients

Client Research

We strive to understand your job, your hiring process and how it works. Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding about our client’s company, requirements & mode of delivery. Therefore, we take time to get to know you. OJ Crew intends to become clients' best choice for long-term loyal and flexible cooperation. Thus we are studying our clients' business principles and operations thoroughly, analyze their needs and challenges and become our client's tool of common success.


Candidate Search

Now it’s time to focus on the best candidates, right? Our extensive database, GLOBAL networking & advertising enables us to select the most suitable candidates within a short period of time. Prior to a further candidate selection we pay close attention to details when reviewing the applicants so that we can match your request with a seafarer's actual experience and expectations. Further we move to a closer screening. Top talents to our top clients!


Candidate Selection & Screening

Hand this time-consuming process over us and savor a cup of coffee instead. In the meantime, we will manage the applicant screening process and verify the documents. Moreover, we check the qualifications along with the references to ensure the high quality labor. Further after conducting the interviews with selected candidates, we will hand you a summary of applicants who could possibly become successful workers.



Only the most suitable applicants’ profiles will be presented to you! Having completed all equally important tasks like checklists, double checked documents validity and received positive appraisals, we can provide you with top selected candidates for your final review so far. As a result, all you have to do is approve.



Success! You have the last sip of coffee, and in the meantime we have the answer to your recruitment needs. Need full pay-rolling service? Would like us to manage employment contracts? We will handle it accordingly! 24/7 and URGENT response is guaranteed.

Don't waste your valuable time & resources in long selection processes. Let's work together and we will bring the ideal candidates to your doorstep.

For Applicants

Job Offers

Check the newest available Vacancies
in our database. Found an interesting offer?



Upload your CV and supporting documents. The application process is absolutely free of charge. Our recruiters' team carefully review the mailboxes and online applicants, examine all seafarer's experience details carefully, and also checking references to ensure true sea service and performance.



Surely if you as a candidate meet the client's requirements in terms of experience, (and undeniably both candidate and client's expectations are equally important) and have the needed and valid documents, our recruitment specialists will contact you to conduct an interview. Everything went well? Congratulations on your new job!


CV Storage

Upload your CV for future potential openings that might suit your qualifications, experience and interests. As a result, you might get more attractive offers and choose once offered a job opportunity. In any case, it is much worth keeping your resume in our database and also send us any updates when having refreshed certificates or returned from another contract.


Your Career Goals

Need guidance or career consultations on how it works? We will help you find the desired position. Contact us & and turn your dreams into plans and tasks.

Have a career like no other! Make the right career move with the help of OJ Crew.


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