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As a part of OJ Crew Group, OJ Crew Caribbean LTD provides offshore crew recruiting/manning services with a flexible approach and wide solutions for Oil and Gas sectors operating in Central America region.

HOW WE HELP OUR CLIENTS? We seek to solve your short-term and long-term HR management objectives. OJ Crew provides reliable, efficient, and cost-effective recruitment solutions for businesses seeking to recruit the best employees: FULL CREW MANAGEMENT / CANDIDATES’ SELECTION / SHORT TIME RECRUITMENT

We strive to understand your recruitment needs and choose the best methods to meet your requirements. Our collaborative attitude, experienced specialists, and industry knowledge empowers us to attain the best possible match between clients and candidates.

HOW WE HELP OUR CANDIDATES? We strive to help the candidates make the right career move. The one that matches the candidate‘s goals and helps to progress a career path in the direction that candidate desires it to go. We also offer support and guidance by being with applicants every step of the way in the recruitment process.

We are ready to meet highest demands of our clients and help to pursue career dreams of our candidates!  


For Clients

Unique HR cases require unique approach.

We stand for individual approach and personalized recruitment solutions. Optimize Your business with integrated, efficient HR Solutions that OJ Crew Caribbean has to offer!

For Candidates

Looking for a change in your professional life?

You are in the right place. We will help you get a job that suits you the most & lead you to new career horizons!


We seek to solve your short-term and long-term HR management objectives for maritime, Oil, and Gas sectors operating in Central America region.