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We have expanded! We are absolutely delighted to share that OJ Crew is rapidly growing and has opened a new branch in Latvia - OJ Crew Riga

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As a part of OJ Crew Group, OJ Crew Riga recruitment has been opened to cover Chemical/Product Tankers, LPG, and LNG Manning/Outsourcing and Recruitment needs. The company concentrates on this market segment particularly. As a result, the company operates with complete dedication and separate HR teams for complete Vessel crew management.

Having altogether specific knowledge, practical skills, and technical expertise in the Tanker industry, we are further able to carry out the most complex HR cases by recruiting proper people with the right skills, covering the needs of any specific trade. Thus ensuring that one’s competence and values align perfectly with the company’s expectations.

OJ Crew Riga is ready to offer exclusive service packages to demonstrate all operations such as simple outsourcing to full management. For this purpose the recruitment company includes payroll based on competitive and cost-saving solutions, resulting in your profit trends moving to a new level so far.

We are ready to meet the highest demands of our clients and help to pursue the career dreams of our candidates!  

We will only present the most suitable applicants’ profiles to you! Having completed all equally important tasks like checklists, double checked documents validity as well as received positive appraisals, we can afterward provide you with top selected candidates for your final review so far. As a result, all you have to do is approve. We find it important to realize that a particular industry requires specific certificates and assessments to be taken.


For Clients

Unique HR cases require unique approach.

We stand for individual approach together with personalized recruitment solutions. Optimize Your business with integrated, efficient HR Solutions that OJ Crew Riga has to offer!

For Candidates

Looking for a change in your professional life?

You are in the right place. We will help you get a job that suits you the most and also lead you to new career horizons so far!


We aim to bring fresh thinking, positive changes and innovation to Recruitment and Crew Management business. Our Team focuses and pays attention to each Client particularly and offers exclusively individual approach and management.

- DMITRIJS KRIVUNECS, OJ Crew RIGA Managing Director